Cichlid 1.5 mm Granules


A complete food perfectly balanced with the right nutritious substances that are of vital importance for cichlids. Granules of 1.5 mm make it suitable for all sizes of cichlids.

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The Cichlid 1.5 mm Granules is a complete food for all your decent size cichlids and other fishes. Perfectly balanced with nutritious substances that are of vital importance. The granules provide a nutritionally balanced diet for all kinds of cichlids. The granules float on the surface of the water and suit the fish’s natural eating habits. The nutrient content meets Cichlids’ increased requirements for animal proteins and ensures a naturally balanced nutrition, as in the wild. The food promotes well-being, naturally intense colouring and growth. Feed 3 – 4 times per day as much as your fish will eat in 2 – 3 minutes.


Analytical components

Crude protein 45%, Crude fat 7%, Crude fibre 1.9%, Crude ash 7.6%, Calcium 1.5%, Phosphor 1.1%, Sodium 0.3%.


Wheat flour, fish meal, wheat gluten, soy protein concentrate, sunflower meal, maize gluten, lecithin, monocalcium phosphate, pepper, algae, krill meal, yeast-derived product, 1m558i Bentonite 1000mg/kg, inulin.


Vitamin A 25.900 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2.521 IU/kg, Vitamin C (stable) 720 mg/kg, Vitamin E 400 mg/kg.

Trace elements

E1 Iron 72 mg/kg, 3b202 Iodine 6 mg/kg, E4 Copper 6 mg/kg, E5 Manganese 24 mg/kg, 3b606 Zinc 72 mg/kg.


E310 100 mg/kg, E320 100 mg/kg.


Astaxanthin 10 mg/kg.

Contains fish meal and/or fish solubles, do not feed to ruminants. This product contains preservatives and colourants. Not for human consumption.

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